About Us

Owners Ray and Cathy love seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces when they ride away on our bikes. Everybody is happier when they ride a bike.

Ray’s background in biking goes way back to when he was a kid.  His father took him to bike races and showed him how to ride for transportation – way before it became popular to do so.  Cathy loved the simple pleasure of riding for recreation and relaxation and she bought her first grown-up bike with money she earned at a part-time job.

Ray went on to be a successful bike store owner in Montclair, NJ, a New Jersey state champion bike racer and a race promoter.

In 2010, Ray and Cathy were happy to get a bike rental concession in Sandy Hook, part of the Gateway National Park Service. They built a business renting bikes to day trippers driving in and arriving by ferry from NYC.  Little did they know the impact this would have on them.  It’s not just a business.  It’s a way of giving people joy.  Hard to explain the smile on people’s faces when they hop on a bike, some who haven’t ridden since they were a kid.

It’s a pleasure having our children grow up in the business and share this connection. What a great way to learn about business and serving customers.

Every year we look forward to the start of the season. We’re in a beautiful location and get to meet wonderful people from all over world. We truly enjoy what we do.